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Vestorly Social AI Impacted by Facebook
Vestorly Social AI Impacted by Facebook
Learn about how Facebook's API changes have affected Vestorly
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As a result of Facebook’s announced API updates which impact how partners like Vestorly use their data, the following changes to Vestorly are going into effect.

Automated publishing through Vestorly Social AI to personal Facebook profiles will be deprecated

It will no longer be possible to schedule automated posts to personal Facebook profiles.  Scheduling automated posts to Facebook Pages will continue to work.
Please note that Facebook profiles are different than Facebook Pages, read this for how they differ.
Manual posting to personal Facebook profiles will also continue to work.  Facebook profiles will be removed from the menu to be selected after you disconnect and reconnect your Facebook account.

Messages scheduled to Facebook profiles after August 1 will fail to publish.  There are no impacts on publishing to Facebook Pages or groups.

If you use Facebook for your business, we encourage you to create a Facebook Page.  Learn how to create a Facebook Page here.

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