1: From the Main Menu, select Contacts.

2: You are now on the Your Contacts page. Select Add Contacts --> Import Contacts. 

3: Now, choose how you would like to import you contacts. To access your LinkedIn Connections, select Integrated Services and then the LinkedIn icon.

4: You will then be prompted to sign in to LinkedIn, select Get Your LinkedIn Contacts

5: Now, you will request an archive of your data. We have prepared a link that takes you directly to where you can request your data. Once there, you will need to click the link to "Request archive", enter your LinkedIn password and click "Done".

Click the button below to go directly to the page to request your archive. Request archive

Select Pick and choose and then pick Connections from the list of data files.

Click Request Archive and enter your password.

Click Done.

Now that you have made a request for your data archive, it will be available to download within the next 10 minutes. 

6: Check your email for the subject line "Your LinkedIn data archive is ready!" and download the file. 

7:  Now, upload the .csv file and be sure to tag the list. Learn more about that process here.

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