1. From the main navigation bar, select globe icon to get to your Website page.

2. Now you will being to create your website embed. First, enter an embed name. This name will be used internally and has no impact on what your visitors will see. Then, choose a layout for how you would like your Vestorly content to appear on your website. After you have completed these two steps, select Continue.

3. You will now see a preview of your embed. Keep in mind, an embed will vary slightly depending on your website's layout and the dimensions are 1180px X 335px.

4. Select the middle icon in the top right corner to Edit Content. This screen allows you to select which Categories and/or Bookmarks you would like to share on your website. Then press Save.

5. To edit the appearance, select the paintbrush icon. Here, you have the option to change the layout. Layouts include horizontal, vertical, wide vertical or grid.

Each embed will render 4 articles at a time. Turn on the Carousel feature to allow your visitors to scroll through up to 16 pieces of content.

Scroll down to adjust where the image is placed within the embed. You can select the image to be to the left or right or top or bottom of the article title and text. Or, you can opt to not include images at all.  Now press Save.

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