Social AI will choose the right content and automatically post it to your social media accounts on a regular basis. You will indicate which categories of content to post from, how frequently to post, and on which channels. Social AI will then choose the right content at the best time of day to post based on your settings. 

1. From the Main Menu, select Social. You will now be on the Social AI page. Here you can create and manage your daily social media postings.

2. To connect your social media accounts, select the blue rectangle below the lock icon for each channel. You will then be prompted to enter your login credentials and authorize Vestorly to connect to the corresponding channel. 

In the future, if you need to disconnect any social media account, you can do so on Your Account page by scrolling down to the Your Social Accounts section.

3. Now, you will notice that for each connected account, there are now five gray boxes instead of the lock icon. Each box enables you to set up a daily, recurring post automatically from a Vestorly curated category.

4. To set up a new post, select one the gray boxes. Scroll through the Vestorly categories to select a topic you would like to post about daily. You can do this up to five times for each channel, meaning you can have up to five daily posts for Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter.

5. To begin posting, select Activate. Each activated category will turn blue. To see a preview of that day's post as well as the time of day it will be sent out, click on the blue box.

6. Vestorly AI picks the optimal time for the each post to be sent. If you would like to designate a different time, select the clock icon in the top right corner of this page. Here, you can adjust the hour and minute your post goes out each day. Then, click Save Schedule.

7. Vestorly defaults to using the main account your social media credentials are tied to. Typically, this is your personal Facebook or LinkedIn page. Many of our clients would rather post to their business page that is linked to their personal page. Vestorly gives you the option to post to either. To schedule a post from your business page instead of your personal, click the pencil icon to edit.
On this page, you can select your business or personal page from the dropdown. Then, select the floppy disc icon on the far right to save. You must do this for each new Daily AI  post you have set up. 

8. Repeat this process for each category and social media channel you would like to post from.

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