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What is the difference between an AI Email and AI-assisted Email?
What is the difference between an AI Email and AI-assisted Email?
Which Vestorly email is right for you?
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What is the AI Email?
The AI Email delivers personalized emails to each contact you add to Vestorly. Vestorly AI picks the content that will go to each of your contacts based on data collected from publicly available information tied to the emails addresses of your contacts as well as prior interactions with the articles found in your emails, social media feeds, and on your website.

The AI Email is right for you if you want to send an email to all of your contacts every week. It will create unique emails that are customized for each of your contacts and provide you with an automated solution to stay in touch with your audience.

What is the AI-Assisted Email?
The AI Assisted Email can be sent to a specific tag groups of contacts, individual contacts or all of your contacts. This email allows you to pick which categories or articles will be included in your email based on suggestions from Vestorly AI. All of your selected contacts will receive the same email with the articles or categories that you have chosen.

The AI-Assisted Email is right for you if you would like to schedule multiple emails to different tag groups of contacts or you would like to pick which specific articles or categories all of your contacts are getting. 

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