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Vestorly Email Text Formatting with Paste from Rich Text
Vestorly Email Text Formatting with Paste from Rich Text
Prevent Formatting Problems with Paste from Rich Text, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs
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If you are having trouble formatting your text in Vestorly, it is likely because you’re copy and pasting from a rich text editor like Word or Google Docs.

Why does Word text look strange when pasted into Vestorly?

Each time you create content in a rich text editor like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, hidden HTML code is added to your document to make it look nice on screen. If you then paste that content into a Vestorly email, the hidden formatting can change the way your email looks in Vestorly and email inboxes.

Vestorly emails are HTML just like a webpage. Microsoft Word and other rich text editors however use their own language that outputs text and styles.

It therefore makes sense that merely pasting from Word won’t work in Vestorly as a different language is used in the two.

How to clean Word content to paste into Vestorly?

Because Microsoft Word or other rich text editors are so popular there is a simple means of pasting into your Vestorly text editor. All you need do is:

  1. Open your document and copy the content you want in your Vestorly email.

  2. Open a plain text editor such as Notepad. TextWrangler is a good equivalent for Mac and is available on the App Store.  Paste the text from Word into the plain text editor.

  3. Go to your Vestorly email text box.

  4. Again, copy the text, but this time from the plain text editor.

  5. Paste the text that you copied from the Plain text editor into Vestorly.

  6. Format your content in Vestorly by using the in-built WYSIWYG editor.

Why does my email look different than the Vestorly preview?

There are dozens of different email software products to view emails.  Here are a few you might have heard of:  Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, Lotus Notes, Apple Mail, etc.  Vestorly emails have been optimized to look beautiful in as many email software products as possible, however, there are certain cases where the email formatting will look a tad different in one email software product vs. another.

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