To know who are your most engaged reader, you will be leveraging your contact scores. 

  1. To view this page, click on the Metrics tab on the left-hand corner of your Vestorly home page and then select the person icon underneath the 'New Email' Button.

2. On this page, you will be able to see the Name/email of the contact with the date they were last active, the number of articles they have viewed, the number of shares they have made and their contact score. The Contact Score is based off of an algorithm that takes the last time they were active, the number of views and shares into account to assign a score to each contact. This score will vary based on the three aforementioned factors.

3. If you click on the eye icon next to the number of view or the share icon next to the number of shares you can view who specifically viewed or shared the article.

How to leverage your Contact Scores

  1. You can leverage the date your reader was last active to know which readers have been engaged most recently. This information is valuable so that you know which readers are consistently reading the articles in your newsletter.
  2. You can leverage the number of views similarly to the date they were last active by sorting the number of views to see who are the most engaged readers.  By clicking views, you can sort the number of views. A best practice is to click on the eye icon next to the views and see if there has been consistent engagement, if there has been at least 2 weeks of consistent engagement we recommend referencing this best practice page:
  3. You can leverage your relationship score to have a high level overview of who your most engaged readers are, who is sharing the highest volume of articles and was most recently engaged. The relationship score will take the three aforementioned data points to assign a relationship score to each of your active contacts. We recommend reviewing your contacts that have a relationship score of 70 or higher as these are highly engaged contacts.

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