In this guide we will cover:

  • Adding articles, PDF's, videos, and blog posts that are not found in Vestorly. 

  • Add sources that are not found in Vestorly. 

How to Add Other Articles, PDFs, Videos, or Blogs

  1. Select Browse Content from the Main Menu. 

  2. Select Bookmarked Content. 

  3. Select a Bookmark (any Bookmark that is not connected to an auto-updating Source)

  4. Select Create a post. 

  5. Enter your title, and then choose your method for adding an article. Write in a blog or link to another URL or upload a PDF.

How to Add Other Sources

  1. Choose Edit Sources from the Main Menu. 

  2. Search the sources to ensure that the source does not already exist in Vestorly.

  3. If it does not, select Custom Sources. 

  4. Choose Add Custom Source. 

  5. Copy and paste the source's RSS Feed URL into the box. 

  6. Enter the RSS name and publisher. For example, the publisher might be LA Times and the name might be Real Estate Section. The name and publisher are the same if the source only has one feed.

Tip: you can usually find the RSS feed on a publisher's website or by performing a Google search. The icon usually looks like this: 

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