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Vestorly enables you to create an email manually or with AI. This article will tell you how to create an email automatically with AI. If you prefer more manual control, read this article on creating an email manually.

  1. Upon logging into Vestorly for the first time, you’ll see an option to send your first email. Select New Email.

  2. Next, select Create AI Email.

3. Now, you are on the AI Email builder. Follow the prompts to upload your contacts, edit the content, compose a subject line, edit your body text, header and footer image, preview and schedule your email. After performing these actions for the first time, you can save your template and set recurring emails to send weekly.

4. Begin by uploading recipients. Please note that an AI Email will be sent to all of your readers contacts.

5. Next, review and edit the content of the email by selecting Edit Content. By default, four articles from each Category of content is added. This does not mean your contacts will receive all of these articles though. Each contact will receive 3 to 4 topics for a total of 12 to 16 articles. Vestorly AI will select the content for specific each reader. You should remove Categories you wouldn't want any reader to receive (Politics and Policy is a category some users like to stay neutral on and avoid sharing content from). Even if you leave ten Categories active, no reader would receive more than 3 to 4 sections.

6. Select a topic to review or edit the articles in that section. These are the articles that your contacts will receive. You have the ability to remove a specific topic entirely as well as any specific article by selecting the trash can icon.


7. Optionally add additional content by manually selecting articles. This can include any original or Premium Ad-Free Content, as well. Please be aware that all manual content added will be received by all of your contacts. Select Add Custom Content to complete this optional step.

8. Next, add a subject line for this AI Email and click save.

9.  Customize the email with your header image, footer disclosures, and body text. Add a header image by clicking the photo icon in the upper right corner. The suggested image size is 598x118px.

10. Type the body of your email message into the text editor. Use the code *|TO:FIRST_NAME|* to customize every email with each reader’s first name. To insert an image into the body, drag and drop the image from a file on your computer into the email editor. Learn more about what to write in your email here. Having trouble with email text formatting? Click here to troubleshoot.

11. Preview the email through the eyes of your recipients by selecting Preview Email. Vestorly AI Email is generated based on each of your contact's interests and preferences. Therefore, each recipient will see a different curation of content.

12. To schedule the email, first choose your frequency. If you choose a Recurring schedule, then each week the same email will be sent but with different content. We recommend this option if you add a generic introduction to the body of your email. Each week, we'll send you a preview 24 hours prior to the email send time, and you can edit or approve. This is also when the you will see the newsletter appear on your calendar. 

If you prefer to send out your AI Newsletter just one time, select One Time.

13. Now that Vestorly has created a personalized email for each of your contacts, feel free to relax and enjoy all the time you saved.

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