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Vestorly enables you to create and send emails. You can browse and select articles, or add you own content while AI assists you. We also offer a fully automated AI Email where Vestorly AI browses and selects articles and you approve it. To learn about creating an AI Newsletter, read this guide

  1. Upon logging into Vestorly for the first time, you’ll see an option to send your first email. Click New Email or Post.

2.  Select Create Email Type.

3. The next page is a split-screen. On the left, you will see the email builder. On the right, you will see the content search tool. Steps 4-10 cover the email builder on the left.

4. The first time you compose an email, add a header image by clicking the photo icon in the upper right corner. Your image size should 598x118px.

5. Next, choose the email recipients. You can choose from Tags, Contacts, or All. Tags contain a group of contacts. Learn more about tags here. Contacts allows you to type in an individual's address. All sends the email to every contact. 

6. Enter your subject line. 

7. Type the body of your email message into the text editor. Use the code *|TO:FIRST_NAME|* to customize every email with each reader’s first name. Use the formatting tools to edit the style. 

8. To insert an image into the body, select the image from a file on your computer and drag it into the editor.

9. Under the body section is a button to Add Email Section. Click this to begin adding articles to your newsletter.

10. Change the title of this section to introduce the types of stories it will include. You can do this by erasing "Latest news". Add as many sections as you would like. 

11. Now, look to the Stories and News section on the right side of the page to find the content to add. The section contains several options for finding and curating content (read the full guide on using the curation tools here). Steps 12-14 will cover how to add an article to your email.

12.  When you find an article you want to add to your email, you’ll notice a circle in the upper right corner of it. When you hover over it, it will say Add to Email. 

13. Click the button to add the article to the email builder on the left side of your screen. If you created more than one section in your email (Step 10), then the article will be inserted into whichever section is highlighted. Click on the section to change which is highlighted.

14. Continue adding as many articles as you like to each section. 

15. Under these sections on the email builder is a text box to edit your email footer. Add your company address and any disclosures here.

16. When you’re done, scroll back up to the top of the email builder for several options. First, you can save your banner and footer as a template for future emails.

17. On the far right, save and preview your email, delete the draft, or schedule your email. Choose the day and time to send and click Save. 

18. After you’ve scheduled and saved your email, you can click Close to go back to the main page. Here, you can view your scheduled emails in a calendar view or a list view. 

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