In this article, you will learn how to curate and bookmark content. If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on this subject, click here.

Vestorly organizes articles and stories for you into Categories

Organize articles according to your own parameters with Bookmarks: collections of articles that update automatically based on the settings you choose, and specific articles you add manually.

This guide will tell you how to make best use of the content curation tools by:

  • Using the Stories and News page to find content.

  • Creating your own collection of articles called Bookmarks. 

How to Use the Stories and News Page 

  1. Click Browse Content from the main menu (grid icon on upper right-hand corner) (You can also browse content from within the email builder. Read more about this here.)

  2. The first tab contains Categories: content organized by topic. Vestorly AI will determine the articles more likely to engage your audience within each category.

  3. The second tab contains Sources: content organized by publisher. Vestorly pre-populates every account with hundred of sources to choose from. View articles from all sources in Vestorly as the articles are published; click on the source title. Search for a source by selecting Filter Sources. Don't see a source you like? Add your own by following these instructions.

  4. The third tab contains Bookmarked Content: collections of content you create yourself. Read more about creating them below! 

  5. Expand your search for content by using the search bar at the very top of the page. 


How to create a Bookmark

A Bookmark is a collection of articles that update automatically based on the settings you choose, and specific articles you add manually. There are several methods to create one.

Option 1: A Bookmark based on one source

  1. Choose any source under source

  2. Find the floppy disk icon. Click this to create a Bookmark of content from the source. 

  3. Your Bookmark will always include the most recently published articles from this source.

Option 2: A Bookmark based on multiple sources

  1. Choose Edit Sources from the Main Menu

  2. "Favorite" the sources you want to add to a Bookmark by selecting the heart icon. For example, say you wanted to form a new Bookmark on cycling. You would Unfavorite all sources, and then Favorite only the cycling-related sources. 

  3. Choose 'Your Favorites' from the top of the menu.

  4. Choose the Save Icon (flopy disk icon) near the top right and name this group of favorites. We recommend naming it on the topic of the favorites sources (i.e cycling).

  5. Now, choose "View Articles" in the upper right corner.

  6. You will be brought to a view that shows all recent articles published from the favorited sources. Bookmark these results by selecting the floppy disk icon.

Option 3: A bookmark with manually added articles

  1. Go Browse Content from the main menu. 

  2. Select Bookmarked Content. 

  3. There will be two default Bookmarks titled Original Content and Top Picks, as well as any other Bookmarks you've created. 

  4. You can create book marks by clicking the green 'Create Bookmark' button. There are two ways to add articles to existing Bookmarks.

  5. First, add your own piece of original content. Click on any Bookmark and choose  Create a Post. You can upload a PDF, link to an article, or type an article directly into the uploader. Once the original content had been uploaded, click save and continue on the lower right-hand corner. Select which Bookmarks the article needs to be added to. An article can be added to one or multiple bookmarks.

  6. Second, whenever you see any article in Vestorly (either in other Categories, Sources, or by using the Search function at the top of the account), you'll notice a "plus" icon in the top right corner. Just click this icon to add the article to a Bookmark. 

7. If searched for an topic using the toolbar and the article does not have a picture, click on the 'Bookmark Content' button to add an article into a specific Bookmark.

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