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Other Frequently Asked Questions
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Other Frequently Asked Questions

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Did my Email go out?

Click Email icon on the top navbar, and choose the Email Metrics tab to see your Email history.

Why did my Email go out several hours late?

For large email lists, our email sending service sends emails out over a longer period of time to prevent the emails from being marked as spam. This is done to ensure the best possible delivery rate moving forwards. Read more here.

How many deliveries, opens, or clicks does my Email have?

Click Email icon on the top navbar, and choose the Email Metrics tab.

Why does my Email's spacing appear differently in the preview tab than in my inbox?

Email clients (Gmail, Outlook, AOL, etc.) sometimes display email formatting differently regardless of where or how you are sending an email.

Why don’t images appear in my email?

Email clients (Gmail, Outlook, AOL, etc.) sometimes display email formatting differently regardless of where or how you are sending an email.

Why was my Email bounced or delivered to spam?

An email might be delivered to spam for several reasons:

  • Typos in the email address

  • Expired email address

  • Certain phrases (like “Click here!”), all caps, or excessive exclamation points trigger spam filters

  • Depending on your contacts’ email sender services or security features, your From email address may need to be added to their address list first.

Why didn’t I receive my Test Email?

Many email clients block emails when the sender address is the same as the recipient address. For example, if your Vestorly account is under your own email address,, and you send a test email to your email,, it may be blocked. Change the recipient address for your test emails on your account page.

Can I auto-schedule my email to go out every other week or every month?

The Vestorly email auto-scheduler allows for a weekly schedule. To send emails on a schedule other than weekly, manually schedule emails to go out up to seven days in advanced. If you wish to send your email every other Thursday, for instance, log in on Friday the week before and schedule the next week’s email.

Can I add a BCC email address for email endpoint journaling for compliance?

Yes. Tell your Customer Success Associate the correct email address and we’ll add it to all outgoing emails.

How can I easily add my most recently added articles to the Email?

Use the auto-fill tool in your Email editor. For each category or bookmark you add to your email, you have the option to auto-fill with 4 articles. 


What does it mean when I get an email telling me to reconnect one of my social media accounts?

If you change your password with one of your connected social media accounts, you must re-connect this account to Vestorly with your new password. Additionally, LinkedIn’s privacy policy requires that you reconnect occasionally for security purposes. If you get an email warning that you must reconnect, log in go to your settings page, disconnect the proper social media account, and connect again.

Why can’t I share an individual piece of content to my LinkedIn company page?

LinkedIn’s third-party sharing tool does not allow users to post on a company page, only on your personal page.


Which sources require a paywall for contacts? If I have a subscription to this source, will that remove the paywall for readers?

The following common sources require that the contact have a subscription to view articles. Some sources allow a monthly allotment of articles before blocking access with a paywall.

  • The Economist

  • The New York Times

  • The New Yorker

  • Seeking Alpha

  • The Washington Post

  • The Wall Street Journal

If you have a subscription to one or more of these sources, your subscription does not carry over to your contacts.  Vestorly’s browsing experience allows you to host third-party articles on your branded portal without expensive licensing fees, but for this reason cannot bypass paywalls or other ads.

Create a hyperlink in a text editor, copy it, and paste it into your Original Content editor. A hyperlink box editor will appear for you to edit the text or the link.

How do I add an image for Original Content?

In the original content editor, choose the “Add Image” button. Upload any image from your desktop.

Do you have a menu of images?

We do not. We suggest finding an appropriate image for your piece from Google, or using your firm’s logo.

How do I create a new Bookmark?

Click Bookmarks from the nav bar. Choose the plus (+) button to set up another.

Where do disclosure, privacy, and ADV documents appear?

Links to these documents appears in the bottom of your emails and libraries


How do I export my contacts?

Click Contacts from the nine pin menu on the nav bar. Choose the “Export All Contacts” button. You will receive an email with contact information. Scroll to the bottom of this email to download your full contact list.

I don’t recognize a new reader signup, or this looks like a false email address. Who is this?

Some readers elect to enter an anonymous email address to view your library without providing their contact information. It is not possible to identify their true information. If you have turned off the requirement to sign in to view, then new readers appear as “” This lets you know new readers are viewing your content without forcing them to provide information to log in.

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