Setup Salesforce as Your SAML SSO IdP Provider

Vestorly supports SAML 2.0, allowing Salesforce users to utilize Vestorly’s Enterprise / Intel Center, so they can login and use their Salesforce credentials.

Setup requires using Salesforce as a SAML Identity Provider. Vestorly will ask a user through Salesforce for your credentials, before you can login to Vestorly.

  1. Register a domain if you haven’t setup one already (we created

2. Get SAML certificate:

3. Create and assign user permissions sets to users.

4. Create a custom app and fill in SAML info:

5. Setup custom attributes:

In addition to the standard SAML fields, Vestorly supports the additional mapping through these fields.

  • Attr_email – advisor email

  • Attr_firstname – advisor firstname

  • Attr_lastname – advisor lastname

  • Attr_phone – advisor phone #

  • Attr_company – advisor company or firmname

  • Attr_website – advisor website

  • Attr_entityid – identifier that identifiers the advisor within the partner’s organization

  • Attr_repcode – alternative identifier for the advisor within the partner’s organization

  • Attr_asst_entityid – Assistant (non-advisor) identifier

  • Attr_asst_repcode – Assistant (non-advisor) identifier

  • Attr_asst_firstname – Assistant (non-advisor) first name

  • Attr_asst_lastname – Assistant (non-advisor) last name

  • Attr_asst_email – Assistant (non-advisor) email

Vestorly also supports organization impersonation through the use the Attr_asst_* fields.

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