Configure Salesforce Campaigns for Vestorly Sync

Before you get started, please note the following:

  • API Access Must be Enabled: All Salesforce imports and exports require the connected Salesforce account to have API access enabled.

  • Campaign Access Must be Enabled: In order to leverage Salesforce Campaigns with Vestorly, the Salesforce account you have connected must have access to this feature in Salesforce.

If you are unsure that your Salesforce account has these enabled, contact your Salesforce administrator and they can assist you with enabling it. More information on how to enable it can be found here.

You can use Salesforce Campaigns to import only selected Salesforce Contacts and Leads.

  1.  Enable Campaigns for your User – In SalesForce, navigate to Setup → Manage Users → Users → Edit for your user and check Marketing User

2.  Create the Vestorly Campaign – Click on the Campaigns Tab and Click New

3.  Campaign Name – Vestorly (We only search for campaigns under the Vestorly campaign)

4.  Active – Checked

5.  Click Save

6.  Create sub-campaigns under Vestorly

7.  Campaigns Tab → New

8.  Campaign Name – Desired Vestorly Tag Name

9.  Active – Checked

10.  Parent Campaign – Vestorly

11.  Click Save

12.  Add Campaign Members

13.  Repeat Step 3 as needed to add more Campaigns

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