Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) – Troubleshooting

Category: Account Basics

If you are having trouble logging into Vestorly with MFA, this is a resource guide of the most common issues.

  1.  Reset your password

  • Click on the “forgot password” link.

  • Follow the steps to reset your password.

2.  Make sure you are using the Google Authenticator App

  • You can download the app by searching for Google Authenticator in the app store of your smartphone.

  • Vestorly MFA only works with Google Authenticator.

3.  If you are retrieving your temporary password from email, be sure to use the most recent one

  • If your account administrator has reset your login, you will have received a new email from Vestorly.

  • Search for emails from Vestorly and find the most recent one.

  • Setup MFA access again by scanning the barcode in the email.

  • Be sure to delete the old MFA credentials.

4.  Ensure the clock on your smartphone is up to date

  • Check that the clock on your smartphone matches with

  • The MFA device uses the clock on your smartphone to make sure that the token generated is valid.

  • Setting your device to be automatically synced with the internet time is essential.

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