Configuring an SSL certificate for your custom domain

Category: Account Basics

For customers who have chosen to host their Vestorly instance in their domain we can enable secure login for your new domain by setting up a SSL certificate. To begin:

1. Notify your Customer Success Manager or email of your intention to add an SSL certificate to your domain. Please be ready to provide your custom domain name, i.e., and the following information: 

  • Common Name: (i.e.

  • Organization¬†

  • Organization Unit

  • Locality

  • State

  • Country

  • Email Address

2. Vestorly will provide you with the necessary Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to complete the SSL certificate creation.

3. Please take the CSR provided by Vestorly to your SSL certificate provider of choice. This will be used to create your SSL certificate. If the option is available, please retrieve the SSL certificate from and NGINX Server.

4. Once you receive your SSL certificate from your SSL provider, you will need to deliver the certificate and the public key to your webmaster to install on your server.

5. Notify your Customer Success Manager when this step is complete and the final changes will be made on our side to complete the process.

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