Email Metric Definitions

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To view the open rate, engagement rate, click-through-rate, bounces, and unsubscribes from an email sent, navigate to the Data-Metrics page in your account. Scroll down below the bubble chart to the listed emails.

Below are definitions for the terms you see on your Data-Metrics page:

Bounces = number of people whose email bounced.

Deliveries = number of people who received the email to their inbox.

Unsubscribes = number of people who unsubscribed from the email.

Spam = number of people who reported your email as Spam.

OR (Open Rate) = percentage of people who opened the email from their inbox.

CTR (Click-through-rate) = percentage of people who clicked on one or more articles from the email.

* Click-through-rate includes people who may have clicked on an article more than once, or several articles, while Engagement Rate does not.

How does my email compare to others’?

The average open rate = 15 – 20%

The average engagement rate = 5 – 7%

The average click through rate = 5-18%

Click on the Advanced Metrics Icon to export the data. The export will be sent to the Reporting Recipient on your account, which can be changed from the Settings page.

Click on the Download Icon to see a copy of the email sent.

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