Vestorly for Websites: Advanced Configuration Options

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Vestorly for Websites can be fully customized by modifying the CSS. The embeddable content display can be modified by inserting a custom supplied CSS URL (review standard implementation process here).

For example, if the URL is as follows:

The embedded library has a number of parts:

  1.  Style Link

Simply change the parameter URL: style_link=[Custom_Url_here]

This would be your custom CSS file.

  1.  Embed Type

There are 4 embed types that can be styled by setting: embed_type=[list, basic, vertical or carousel]

  1.  Advisor ID

The advisor_id parameter can be obtained from the initial path in your Vestorly Discover when viewing post articles. The URL when reading a post would be for example, The first set of characters after /posts represents the advisor_id. In this case, capital-10 would be the advisor_id.

  1.  Group ID

The group_id parameter can also be obtained from the path in your Vestorly Discover. For example, clicking on shows the group_id in bold. This would be group_id=57a354669b3989000d0003ac.

  1.  Style

You can also amend the iframe width and height, among other parameters.

The additional parameters are defined here. Please note examples here.

Putting it together: Embed iFrame + URL

URL: This will go in the src of the iFrame

//  &advisor_id=capital-10&t=1417679264888&embed_type=carousel&skip=0&limit=12&animation=fade

<iframe scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ allowtransparency=”true” style=”min-width:275px;max-width:99%;min-height:260px;max-height:100%;overflow:hidden;position:relative;border:none;margin:8px;height:260px;width:100%;” src=”// &advisor_id=capital-10&t=1417679264888&embed_type=carousel&skip=0&limit=12&animation=fade&style_link=“></iframe>

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